1st time in the United Kingdom you can customize your own cup when ordering a pallet with us! We also offer free UK shipping. Cups are ready for coffee shops, bars, restaurants or chocolateries. 

Edible Wafer Cups

The Edible Wafer Cups are the perfect addition to every coffee drink, ice creams, desserts, yoghurts and hot chocolates.

The hint of sweet wafer accompanies the rich and refreshing taste of any coffee drink.

The Edible Cups create a unique experience while helps to reduce waste at the same time.

The cups can also be used for baking or cocktails.

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BioBite Edible Wafer Cups are the perfect products for environmentally cautious coffee shops, restaurants and bars that seek to treat their customers with a unique experience.

Perfect for serving ice cream, desserts, coffee, hot chocolates, or mini frappuccinos or cocktails. 

BioBite Edible Wafer Cups are the ultimate options for events and catering. We aim to help businesses lower the carbon footprint of the coffee industry in the United Kingdom.

The composting process is 2x faster compared to alternative degradable and compostable options.


Our goal is to improve the sustainability of the food and industry is to improve the sustainability.

The products can be consumed after use and are easily degradable as food waste.

We work for a better future and sell unique products that can make a difference!

  larger size cups available now…

Regular Wafer Cups

110ml / 4oz – 1 box contains of 200 cups


Large Wafer Cups

220ml / 8oz – 1 box contains of 240 cups

There’s a cup for everything

We already partnered with several coffee shops, footbal clubs, restaurants, bakeries and bars.

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