Turn Your Coffee Into a Treat

Edible Wafer Cups

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Crispy, Delicious, and Tough

Natural and Vegan!

No wax or sugar coatings!

The wafer cup can resist hot drinks and stay crispy for up to 45min!

Leak-proof for up to 12h!

BioBite Edible Wafer Cups

“Turn Your Coffee Into a Treat”

The Natural and Vegan wafer cups provide a unique taste experience that transforms your regular morning coffee into something special.

The innovative manufacturing process enables the cup to resist cold and hot beverages while staying deliciously crispy. Our products do not have sugar icing or wax coating, leaving a natural coffee taste with a hint of the delicious wafer.

The cups come with a protective paper label, which makes it cup easy to handle without direct contact and it isolates the cup from the surfaces it is placed on. This ensures safe consumption and enables people to enjoy delicious coffee snacks.

This SMALL cup can have a HUGE impact on the environment if implemented widely!

The edible wafer cups are the best alternative to single-use plastics and papers. It is easily degradable as food waste and the paper labels are recyclable. We can help to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the millions of cups thrown away in landfills every single day.


The Most Delicious Eco-Friendly Wafer Cups

Coffee Wishes

Just like to Fortune Cookie you get from Chinese Take-away, the Coffee Wishes are the perfect perfect gift to go along with every hot drink and make the customers’ day a bit more special. After all, coffee tastes a lot better with a smile.

We seek and sell the most innovative products for the coffee industry that can go above and beyond the customers’ expectations. It is all about how many smiles can you bring with one cup of coffee. And we have solutions.

Cafe and business owners – get in touch with us to learn how we can help you improve your customers’ experience.




1st time in the United Kingdom you can customize your own cup when ordering a pallet with us! We also offer free UK shipping. Cups are ready for coffee shops, bars, restaurants or chocolateries. 

For more information email DM us or email us at contact@biobite.co.uk

Excited to see such a demand for these eco-friendly cups!