Edible Coffee Cups (110ml / 4oz) – 2 Packs of 10


Turn Your Coffee Into a Treat

BioBite edible coffee cups change the way we enjoy coffee. The product give a crispy and delicious taste experience. The cups are made from natural grain and are 100% Vegan.

The “Pack fo 20” edible cups is the perfect option for the coffee lover that seeks to start every morning with a kick of energy and a big smile.

The 2×10 pack is also the perfect gift for every coffee lover.

  • Vegan and Natural

  • Heat-treated wafer – 12 hours leak proof

  • 15 grams – light as a biscuit

  • Only 56 kCal per cup

  • 110ml / 4oz

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Edible Coffee Cups (110ml / 4oz) – 2 Packs of 10


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