Edible Wafer Cups

The Edible Wafer Cups are the best and most delicious alternative to single-use plastics and papers. The cup is made from natural ingredients and is 100% VEGAN.

A biscuit and a cup. A drink and a snack. All in one small and delicious package. The ultimate option for every coffee lover.

The recyclable paper label around the cup provides the safe handling of the cup before consumption. It also keeps the wafer away from the surface it is placed on. So no need to worry about contamination at all!

Why We Need Edible Wafer Cups?

Less Waste

In the UK there are approximately 7 million paper coffee cups used every day, which equates to 2.5 billion every year.

Immediate Recycling

The edible wafer cup can be recycled in more than 7.5 billion stations – including you.


The hint of delicious wafer combined with fresh coffee aroma provide a unique experience that completely transforms the way we enjoy coffee. 

Simply Delicious

Apart from all the environmental benefits, zero waste movement, and coffee experience… The biscuit is just absolutely delicious and a. must-try for every coffee lover.

Natural and Vegan

The edible wafer cup is the most delicious alternative to single-use plastics and papers. The cup provides a unique experience and changes the way we enjoy coffee!

Latest News


1st time in the United Kingdom you can customize your own cup when ordering a pallet with us! We also offer free UK shipping. Cups are ready for coffee shops, bars, restaurants or chocolateries. 

For more information email DM us or email us at contact@biobite.co.uk

Excited to see such a demand for these eco-friendly cups!