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Edible Wafer Cups

Natural and Vegan! 

The edible coffee cup is the most delicious alternative to single-use plastics and papers.

The cup provides a unique experience and changes the way we enjoy coffee!


The new edible wafer cups transform the way we enjoy coffee.


Innovation is a core characteristic of our products as they unlock new possibilities for your bussiness.


Our unique products are designed to give the best experience for the planet and end customer.

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  • We provide sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics and papers!
  • The edible cups are designed to provide a unique coffee experience while reducing waste.

  • Make your business stand out and take your sustainability to the next level.

  • Get in touch with us to get more information about supplying your business or visit our Wholesale page.

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Small Cups Wholesale Box 

200 cups



Large Cups Wholesale Box 

240 cups



Row of Edible Wafer Cups

Pack of 20 


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1st time in the United Kingdom! These unique 220 ml edible wafer cups will be ready for your coffee shop, festival or chocolaterie very soon. Preordes have started just today and we have already dispatched 40% of our stock.

Preorders and Reservation available! For more information DM us on our social media or contact us at contact@biobite.co.uk

Excited to see such a demand for these eco-friendly cups!